Ep 101: Create Your Own Path

Guest: Helen McBride, Entrepreneur in Residence at Caltech

This episode explores career transitions from academic research to industry, day in life on an Entrepreneur in Residence, and unique insights on how to create your own path to land your next job. Listen here

Bonus: Get to Know Your Hosts

In this bonus episode you will get to know your hosts - Carolina Amador and Paymaneh Malihi - as they share their career journeys from grad school to industry. Listen here

Ep 102: A Career in Scientific Recruitment

Guest: Melisa Medrano, Talent Acquisition Manager at NGM Biopharma

Part I- This episode explores transferable skills from academia to industry, and features the journey of a scientific recruiter in both big pharma and a smaller biotech. Listen here

Ep 103: Inside a Recruiter's Mind

Guest: Melisa Medrano, Talent Acquisition Manager at NGM Biopharma

Part II - This episodes focuses on how to stand out when looking for your next job and explores common Truths & Myths in the recruitment process. Listen here

Ep 104: A Journey into Consulting & Entrepreneurship

Guest: Deepa Dahal, co-founder of consulting firm DKI Health

This episode explores the healthcare consulting career path and touches on the adventure tales of entrepreneurship. Listen here

Ep 105: Be Your Best Self

Guest: Howard Chang, VP of BD & Operations at Bridge Bio

This episode explores a career path in business development & operations and encourages you to network, learn and define what you really enjoy working on. Listen here

Ep 106: Careers within Medical Affairs

Guest: Sarah Madsen, Director of Scientific Communications & Publications at Spectrum Pharma

This episode explores careers in scientific communication, publication planning and medical writing, in both big pharma and small biotech alike. Listen here

Ep 107: Careers within Market Access

Guest: Michael Malecki, Head of Access and Reimbursement at Blue Note Therapeutics

This episode explores a career path in market access & reimbursement and it will inspire you to stay curious and explore new adventures. Listen here

Ep 108: Careers within Program Management

Guest: Parina Gounili, Corporate Transformation Business Performance Director at Amgen

This episode explores a career path in program management and it will inspire you to advocate for yourself and pave your way forward as you transition out of academia and into the industry. Listen here.

Ep 109: Careers within Competitive Intelligence

Guest: Vivian Tu, Director of Competitive Intelligence at Amgen

This episode explores a career path in Competitive Intelligence and encourages you to be open to new opportunities and make connections. You will also be inspired to be audacious and and bold while searching for your own career path. Listen here.

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